About Us

  JJ Suppliers is a retailer, distributor and wholesaler of a wide variety of alcoholic beverages like beers, wines, liquors and spirits. It was founded in 2011. Since then, the company has continued to achieve giant milestones in its trade. Within just five years JJ Suppliers has been able to build a very large customer base because of the quality of its products.

  Some of our customers/clients are entertainment outlets, restaurants, pubs and night clubs all over Malaysia. Original drinks, wide variety and relatively low prices are what got JJ Suppliers to the top of the industry way above their older competitors. 

  In the bid to bridge certain gap, a sister company named JJ Wine & Tapas Bar was founded. It is a wine bar and showroom that is meant for consultancy services in the distribution and sales of wines all over Malaysia.

  To allow customers purchase their desired drinks and for a wider market penetration, JJ Online Retails, another company was established. So, all our customers can get their orders delivered to their doorstep in a matter of hours depending on their locations. This sister company has been able to fill the vacuum created by the difference in the geographical locations of customers.

  In spite of the huge success and wide acceptance, JJ Suppliers does not rest on its oars, the company keeps extending its tentacles and establishing itself as a force to reckon with. One of these moves is the acquisition of distributorship rights for a wide variety of spirits, wines and liquors that are well sought after.


  JJ Suppliers has been able to achieve quality and excellence in our products and services and our ability to source products from original producers worldwide. One striking thing about our service is timely delivery. As far as JJ Online Retails is concerned, a late delivery is no delivery at all. So, we always deliver orders within the stipulated time frame no matter the location.


  Our mission and vision both speak volumes. We say it all. JJ Supplier’s vision is to become a major supplier of all leading brands of beers, wines, liquors and spirits in Malaysia and beyond within a short period of time such that any drink that is not available in our store is neither existent or it is an inferior quality drink.


  Not only that, our mission is also mind blowing. We want to continue to expand our horizon in the distribution and retail of high quality products through unprecedented customer service and at unbeatable prices that will push sales volumes faster as this will enhance our ability to live up to our social responsibility in Malaysia and beyond.